Daniel L. Feldman

Advance Praise

Advance Praise for “Tales from the Sausage Factory”

“…an unusual collaboration between Daniel L. Feldman, a Democrat who represented southern Brooklyn in the Assembly from 1981 through 1998, and Gerald Benjamin, a Republican and a political scientist … Both are pragmatists, preaching that the perfect is the enemy of the good.” — New York Times

“Those of us who have watched New York State government up close for many years often wonder how so many good ideas wind up on the scrap heap, and why so many well-intentioned legislators lose hope for meaningful progress. Two of the state’s most insightful analysts of the legislature, Dan Feldman and Gerry Benjamin, answer those questions in this book. Through revealing anecdotes and careful research, they open a window into the way things go in Albany. What we see often isn’t pretty, but it’s fascinating—and it’s important to know.” — Rex Smith, Editor and Vice President, Albany Times Union

“Dan Feldman and Jerry Benjamin’s sausage tales are hot and spicy. If Albany is the nation’s most dysfunctional legislature, this former assemblyman and legendary academic manage to capture how it both functions and malfunctions, taking readers inside a factory that shapes millions of lives. These are the flesh and blood, push and pull, sagas of political life in America’s invisible legislative laboratory, where nuance, networking, and nonsense alternately rule.” — Wayne Barrett, Village Voice

“Daniel Feldman and Gerald Benjamin deliver insider anecdotes and scholarly insights describing how the state legislature works (or doesn’t). Albany veterans and political newbies alike should be fascinated.” — Lise Bang-Jensen, Senior Policy Analyst, Empire Center for New York State Policy

“Feldman and Benjamin show us how everyday justice and long-term public safety are at stake in the everyday machinations that go along with the legislative process.” — Todd Clear, Dean of the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice

“Students of politics have much to learn from the workings (and failings) of the New York legislature in the period Feldman and Benjamin cover, when—for example—crime fell and imprisonment declined, a double act that continues to prove the envy of many states and nations.” — Christopher Stone, Guggenheim Professor of Criminal Justice at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard

Purchase from SUNY Press


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